Easing the transition between home and school


It is very important that our fees stay as low as possible. The school is operated as a non-profit, and receives no funding from government sources. Our yearly fees are determined by our budgeted expenses for the upcoming school year. The tuition fees are set by the Board of Directors each spring and approved at the Annual General Meeting held in August. Tuition can be paid by monthly pre-authorized withdrawals or paid in full by cash, cheque, or e-transfer. Tuition fees must be submitted to the treasurer at the Annual General Meeting.

We also require a fundraising fee, which is to be paid at the Annual General Meeting as well. Many opportunities to fundraise are provided throughout the school year. Participation in fundraising is tracked for each student, and the balance raised will be reimbursed to parents at the end of the school year (up to a set maximum amount).

Please contact us to find out what the fees are for your child’s class.

Meet Our Professional

Meet The Teachers

The teachers here at YorkTon Nursey School are not only kind and compassionate, they are also very well experienced with children through different professional backgrounds. All employees of the Yorkton Nursery School Co-operative have up to date training in CPR/First Aid. Our teachers regularly participate in additional training, such as accreditation for Jolly Phonics or any other professional development that is beneficial for the programming of the school.