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Yorkton Nursery School Co-Operative!
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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a positive first-school experience for children in the Yorkton area.
About Us

Easing the transition between home and school

Our play-based program helps transition children from the comforts of home to the unknowns of elementary school. We offer programs for both 3 and 4-year-old children. We aim to improve children's gross motor and fine motor skills through gym and craft activities. Our holistic approach acts as the building blocks of the kids’ future.

We offer a play-based program that encourages each child to develop to their highest potential.
Unlock your child’s potential

With a step-by-step approach

We are a community-based non-profit organization that provides a place for children to learn. We have been offering preschool children a high-quality play-based education program for over 40 years! We aim to allow each child to have a positive first school experience. We provide an accepting environment and consistent class time routines to ensure that your child is able to develop to their highest potential.

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As we are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a positive first-school experience for children in the Yorkton area, here’s what you need to know about us…

Our teachers have created a caring, safe, fun atmosphere which allows each child to be comfortable and confident with their learning experience. All teachers employed by the Yorkton Nursery School Co-operative have a minimum of a certificate or diploma from an accredited Early Childhood Education course, a teacher’s certificate, or a combination of education requirements and experience as deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors.
We have designed a play-based program to improve gross motor skills through gym time and action songs, as well as fine motor skills through crafts and play time in the learning centre. We also focus on pre-academic skills such as the alphabet, counting, and phonics. 3-year and 4-year-olds thoroughly enjoy our program structure. We believe in the education of the whole child and do our best to foster each child’s unique capabilities.
Our class routine is designed for maximum engagement. We have allotted play time, weekly theme circle time, learning circle time, craft time, snack time and gym time so that children feel constantly engaged and engrossed in learning. The children thoroughly enjoy. This routine, rather than being monotonous, provides predictability for students while allowing for spontaneity within structure.
With an experience in high-quality play-based education programs for over 40 years, we, at YNSC, absolutely love nurturing young and bright minds. We don’t just prepare them for school, we prepare them for life. We believe in encouraging a learning mindset as young as possible so that they can unlock the doors to reach their potential. Our engaged staff members are known for the rapport they build with their students.
Meet the teachers

Our Teachers

The teachers here at Yorkton Nursey School are not only kind and compassionate, they are also very experienced with children through different professional backgrounds. All employees of the Yorkton Nursery School Co-operative have up to date training in CPR/First Aid. Our teachers regularly participate in additional training, such as accreditation for Jolly Phonics or any other professional development that is beneficial for the programming of the school.
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