Arrival Please arrive on time to class so that your little one doesn’t miss any of the fun! The main (exterior) school door will unlock 5 minutes prior to the start of class. The teachers will greet you and your child upon arrival, making drop off quick and easy.
Toy Room Time The children are allowed time to play in the toy room with a variety of toys including blocks, dolls, trains, and dress up clothes.
Circle Time The children will have class discussions about the weekly theme. Other activities include a story, learning the ABC’s, learning about the calendar, sign language, and Jolly Phonics.
Learning Centre Time The children are allowed to play with educational toys such as puzzles, books, sensory tables, and a puppet theatre in the learning centre.
Craft Time A craft appropriate for the skill level of the class is chosen by the teacher based on the weekly theme.
Snack Time Parent helpers provide juice and snack for the children to enjoy.
Gym Time The children are given time to explore their gross motor skills with activities like jumping, running, skipping, etc. There are also toys like plasma cars and skipping stones that they can play with. In warmer weather the children are taken out to the Kinsmen Little Scholars Playground for outside play time.
Dismissal Please arrive a few minutes early to pick up your child. The main (exterior) school door will unlock right at the time of dismissal. Your child will be dressed and ready to go when you arrive.