About Us

Welcome to the YNSC!  We are a community based non-profit organization that provides a place for children to learn.  We have been offering preschool children a high quality play-based education program for over 40 years!  Our goal is to allow each individual child to have a positive first-school experience.  We provide an accepting environment and consistent class time routines to ensure that your child is able to develop to their highest potential.

We offer a safe, healthy environment for your child, focusing on individuality and inclusion.  Our teachers believe in making each child feel like a part of our school family while recognizing and encouraging each child's individuality.  We strive to make not only your child feel welcome, but also your entire family.  As a co-operative organization we encourage your family to become a part of your child's education experience.

Our play-based program allows the children to interact with and learn from their peers.  Through supervised free-play time with their peers, your child will learn important skills necessary for success in school and in life.  Some skills that are learned are how to regulate their behavior in a social setting, fine and gross motor skills, creativity, communication, and problem solving without the aid of an adult.  Play that is guided by a teacher or another adult is also important.  By becoming a co-player a teacher can extend and enrich the learning, without interrupting the flow and direction of the child's play.

We also provide children with structured learning opportunities.  Circle time is a time for discussion, learning about the calendar, learning numbers, the alphabet, and phonics.  Crafts are designed to help the children develop fine motor skills through the use activities involving tools such as scissors, stickers, and glue sticks.

The YNSC is located at 30 Argyle Street in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, at the north side of the Yorkton Co-op Marketplace building.  The school is set up to encourage fun, creativity, and learning.  Our school includes a large locker area, washroom facilities, a snack area, a toy room, a learning centre, and an indoor gym area.  We also have a wonderful outdoor playground!  The Kinsmen Little Scholars Playground is accessible to the public as well.